Senior Design

TekBox IoT Lockbox System

🏆 OSU EECS Industry Advisory Board Award


TekBox is a secure Internet of Things locker system designed for the TekBots Store at Oregon State University. The store is student-run, and relies on student availability for store hours. TekBox extends order pickup availability by allowing store workers to load lockers with orders, with no interaction required between store workers and customers upon pickup. Items can be purchased on the TekBots Store website, and picked up by customers directly from a locker.


  • Rechargeable locker units provide solenoid locks with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to every locker door.
  • TekBox Dashboard provides a web interface for store operators to fulfill orders and more.
  • TekBox Access provides a web interface for customers to disarm their lockers for pickup by signing into their OSU accounts, with two-factor authentication.
  • The TekBox iOS app provides locker setup and offline access, in addition to system administration features of TekBox Dashboard.


iOS App

  • SwiftUI
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Core Bluetooth (for locker setup and offline access)
  • API requests with URLRequest (for locker setup and Dashboard operations)
  • Offline keys stored in iOS keychain with Valet from Square

Embedded Development

  • Arduino-ESP32 and ESP-IDF
  • Wi-Fi communications with server
  • Bluetooth communications with iOS app
  • Persistent credentials storage

Web Development

  • MySQL database
  • PHP
  • CAS authentication integration


  • PCB assembly
  • Component selection
  • Troubleshooting


  • Project summary video
  • Product photography
  • 3D animation

Project Summary Video